Take a Ride on the Wild Side

We sample the lotus flower seeds (he calls them "graine a voler"), and I ask
him if there is anything out there he doesn't eat.

"Just the tourists," he says.

I ask if there is anything he doesn't know about the marsh. He laughs. "Not much, except a few of the flower names," he says. "I wouldn't want to live in the city."

When we disembark, it's difficult to say who has had the most fun -- Matherne, Frank (who was already scheduling his next trip) or me.

After Cathy shows us the soft shell crab tanks and describes the whole farming process, it's time to leave.

Watching the heat lightning flash in the sky over the marsh, Frank and I look at each other and sigh. "Well, it's getting pretty late and I have stories to write tomorrow. We better go," I say. We drag our feet back to the car and our regular lives.

Tour facts

Matherne's airboat accommodates up to 45 people. 14 Passenger boats are $40/person for an hour, $55/person for 90 minutes. Kids under 13 years old get $10 off. Children under 5 years old are free.

He also offers a two-hour tour to Lake Salvador, or he will take you all the way to Grand Isle.

Tours are by appointment only and can be scheduled anytime during the year. Matherne will also accommodate a fishing trip or hunting expedition.

Airboat Tours is on Bayou Gauche at 433 Hwy. 306. Call [985] 758-2365  or fax [985]758-1862  for more information.

Airboat Tours by
Arthur Matherne, Inc.


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